the girl

Hello, elvellon! I’m Sarah. I’m a lowly freshman in high school, bookish elf, academic nerd, all that good stuff. I’m a Christian. I love the ocean — I used to live very close to it — and I’ve played classical piano for 10+ years. I practice around an hour and a half to two hours per day, which is far from enough (but better than nothing, right?).

I’m a writer. I love writing. I published my first “novel” in fifth grade — AKA an awful jumble of words that I only wrote two drafts of. Today, I like to hope that my writing serves a higher purpose: pointing out problems in society and the world, and showing people something past their own noses which needs to be changed.

I love to sing, although I don’t have formal training. I wear glasses and you don’t want to see me try to take a vision test without them. I love bullet journaling, history, and snow because it’s literally such a photogenic form of precipitation. *throws a snowball* I much enjoy graphic design, and I’ll happily design a header and button for you — click the page in the menu for more.

I believe in building bridges, not walls. I’m a Republican morally but a Democrat socially (i.e. refugee crisis, immigration, and ethnic diversity) and economically (ummm idk how people haven’t figured this out, but trickle-down does not work). I’m a wanna-be photographer and thespian who’s never taken a single class in either.

I’m obsessed with classic literature and will happily rant about Polonius, Laertes, Mr. Darcy. and/or Enjolras because ENJOLRAS to anyone who will listen. Drop me a comment and we can discuss Willoughby togezzah. The Oxford Comma is the besssst.

I’m hardcore Team Cap. STEGGY FOREVAH. I won’t translate that because everyone should know what that means. STEGGYYY. ❤ And him and Bucky are totally adorable smol plum besties.

Also Hamilton. Hamilton gets his own grammatically incorrect and run-on sentence because I WILL shout about Hamilton non stop and just you wait try to stop me because I will never be satisfied.

And this blog of mine? This is my little space on the wide, wide world of the Internet. This is where I can show you a glimpse of my life — art, piano, highlights, mess-ups, memories, and all. Be a good dumpling and follow along, won’t you?


{contact} drop me a note, question, or kind suggestion at sarah[dot]bloginfo[at]gmail[dot]com.

things I love

fancy hand lettering // analog clocks // musicals // books that make me cry (there’s only ever been two) // artist pencils // sharpie pens // Moleskine notebooks // food // fountain pens // pointed keys arms on flutes // glossy steinways // mason jars // Hamilton // dumplings, because // ethnic diversity // my youth group // Jesus — he is Lord


15 thoughts on “the girl

  1. ooh! Just found your blog, and can your header is lovely! I write too, but I’m a bit newer at it. Your stories sound interesting, with all the controversy written into them. 🙂 AHHHHH, JANE AUSTEN!!!! I looooooooove her books. Have you read or seen Emma?! That might be one of my favorites, besides Pride and Prejudice.
    cool blog!
    P.S. I love dragons!!

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    1. Aww, thanks, Nicole! 😀 Yeah that’s true; I like to weave my stories in a way that will make them meaningful and point out society’s wrongs. XD JANE AUSTEN IS THE BEST. And yes, I’ve read Emma. I have a love-hate relationship with her . . . XD Thanks for dropping by and leaving such a lovely comment, Nicole!

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  2. Did you just say Mr. Darcy? Because I’m all in! or any Austen really… I’ve seen your comments on Aria’s blog, (I know Aria through another friend) and I decided to check your blog out. I love it! I’m a new blogger so I like seeing other blogs for inspiration. 🙂

    *trying not to sound like a creepy stalker person*

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    1. YES JANE AUSTEN. Although I once saw a depiction by historians of what Mr. Darcy would have looked like (from what was considered “handsome” and “ideal” back then) and let me just say it was traumatizing. XDD

      Ooh, welcome to the blogosphere! I’m taking a long break from blogging — my parents had some concerns, so I’ve stopped for a while — but I hope to get back to it soon. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Catharine! ❤


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